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All This and So Much More Tasha

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Release date: Sep 20, 2024
Catalogue number: BR064LP
Barcode: 0850057707243
Condition: Brand New
Release date: Sep 20, 2024
Catalogue number: BR064CD
Barcode: 0850057707267
Format: Standard LP

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'In ‘All This and So Much More’ Tasha is an artist flung open. For Tasha, the last few years have been propulsive, dynamic, bursting at the seams. They've included painful encounters with grief; a sudden break up; new flirtation; new hair; the glitter of world travel and not least, a role in Tony-nominated Broadway musical ‘Illinoise’ which adapts Sufjan Steven’s ‘Illinois’ for the stage. If ‘Tell Me What You Miss The Most’ was an introspective meditation on love with a few moments of glancing toward what’s next, ‘All this and So Much More’ is Tasha turned outward, flourishing, telling us what it’s like to take life by the chin and look it in the eye.

Take, for example “Eric Song.” This was the first song to be written on the album, penned while Tasha grappled with the sudden, tragic death of Eric Littman, the co-producer of her last album. Though the instrumentation is a familiar 3/4 guitar strum, lulling us into a comforting waltz, Tasha’s voice is breathy with grief, adding depth and dimension to the hushed sound. “No, I’m not alone after all / You must be near / Facing this soaring sprawl,” she sings, transforming the experience of loss into a talisman of love and courage meant to help usher in a new self.

Said a different way, ‘All This and So Much More’ is a full-throated ode to all of the ups and downs of becoming. In the opening track, “Pretend,” when Tasha sings about “feelings outgrowing this little life,” we get the sense, both lyrically and sonically, of someone in the throes of growth. This is an album crafted with a big, ambitious sound (in part, thanks to the production of Gregory Uhlmann)—cinematic droning, orchestral woodwinds, dazzling arrays of jangling guitar, all lining up to capture a sweeping moment in Tasha’s life. Written over the course of 2022 and 2023, right on the cusp of Tasha being cast in Illinoise, the songs in this

album invoke friendship, heart ache, flirtation, doubt. From the social anxiety of “Party” (“Do they think I’m funny? / Did they like my jokes last night?”) to the questing for meaning in “So Much More,” Tasha brings us along on a journey of finding out that the person you wanted to be was inside of yourself, just waiting to bloom all along.

She sums it up neatly in her final track, “Love's Changing,” charging us with a brilliant, sweeping vision of the future, singing: “Suddenly the world is bigger than it ever felt before / Feel the weight of my future sinking in / See the joy I’m running toward." In ‘All This and So Much More,’ Tasha asks us to consider abundance in its truest form. Our lives, a deluge of possible experience if only we will surrender to it, all the way from the citric ache of heartbreak to the chest bloom of new adventure.

“'Michigan' is both instant and lovably rugged, shining boldly with an unexpected gleam that redefines expectations of wherever Tasha chooses to go next.” Gold Flake Paint.

Format: Standard LP