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It’s Flohio’s world and we’re all just living in it. The rapper, singer-songwriter, party starter and artist extraordinaire is the table-shaking, fiercely independent titan carving out a unique lane for herself in music; that of a disruptor. A unique figure utilising the infectious sounds of UK music – everything from sparse grime to immersive, trippy house – to deliver visceral, high-energy rap anthems for a generation.

Flohio details the album’s sound palette and its significance: “I grew up around the time of games like Playstations and Nintendos; I’m bringing back the nostalgia of me in my living room playing games with my friends at age 10. Game soundtracks like Final Fantasy and Super Mario. I wanted [Out of Heart] to speak to my inner child and where it all started while bringing me back to now and who I am today.”

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