CoN & KwAkE – Eyes In The Tower, LP


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Eyes In The Tower’ is a uniquely London evolution of classic hip hop. It brings through lineages of jazz and was built on a cypher in which saxophone, drums, piano and double bass freestyle as powerfully as the lyricist. It is about friendships that have been built over thousands of hours hanging out in bedrooms, basements and back rooms. It was brewed for over a decade before being made in three days.

CoN & KwAkE are Confucius MC and Kwake Bass. They share long and entwined histories with saxophonist and Native Rebel label owner Shabaka Hutchings, and with many of the incredible London musicians and producers who have emerged over the last decade.

“It has all these strands: education, love, friendship,” says Con. “Nurturing something for a very long time and believing in that nurture, in incredible music, and aspiring to make something that really moves people. It comes from an understanding of what you need to put in the room to make that happen.”

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