Alice Boman – The Space Between


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Alice Boman’s second album, available on CD housed in digisleeve and booklet.
Imbued with an enveloping warmth which radiates from Boman’s gossamer-light vocals, ‘The Space Between ‘ruminates on intimacy and existential angst, her quiet contemplations cocooned in sympathetic arrangements created in collaboration with producer Patrik Berger(Robyn, Lana Del Rey).
“I have been a fan of his for a long time,” Boman explains. “I love his voice – it’s so special. Initially I wanted us to harmonise with each other but I love how the song turned out, with us each having our separate verses, and singing together at the end.”
With vocals left largely unadorned throughout, the focus falls squarely on Boman’s lyrics, which were written from the deeply personal perspective of someone settled within a relationship, and learning to be vulnerable with their partner. The album is very much a journey, charting Boman’s progress from fear (‘Honey’, ‘Maybe’) to the ‘place of tenderness’ she ultimately arrives at on ‘Space’, the album’s exquisite closing track. It’s a journey she hopes listeners will share in, finding comfort in community. Because, as Boman knows all too well, when life gets too much, there’s always music.

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