Record Store Day 2019


Well folks here we are on the other side! Record Store Day 2019 was a roaring success, we all had a great time and hopefully y’all did too! Based on conversations we’ve had it seems most people who queued up got most of the titles they wanted, since then we’ve been beavering away trying to fulfill requests by either transferring in from our sister store or ordering from Record Company leftover lists.

Inevitably some of the absolute gold-dust titles have all gone now but we’ve still got over 150 titles left in store so it’s well worth a trip out… whether you couldn’t make it on the day, went elsewhere and missed out or simply saw something you wished you’d got at the time we can quite likely send you away with some vinyl goodness!

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The Quiz

Thanks to everyone who took the time to tackle our RSD quiz, we’ve started contacting the top quizzers and dishing out the prizes so keep an eye on your inbox if you handed in a quiz sheet.

We’re sure many of you have been racking your brains over some of the questions that were on the tip of the tongue so we’re going to provide the answers. If you want to have a bash at the quiz the sheets are below to download, along with the album cover puzzle, featuring 25 different album.

The answers are on a separate page which you can find HERE

QUIZ 2019 page 1

album cover puzzle final.jpg